UH Lambdas

Lambda Phi Epsilon works with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) to save the lives of patients.

In 1995, one of our fraternity brothers, Evan Chen, at the University of Stanford was diagnosed with leukemia. From that point on, Theta Chapter at the University of Stanford organized a bone marrow drive, considered to be one of the largest drives in the Asian American community. Theta Chapter managed to register over two thousand people into the bone marrow registry within a short span of time and eventually found a match for him, but unfortunately, our Brother Chen passed away before the transaction could occur. To honor his memory, Lambda Phi Epsilon organizes bone marrow drives across the nation. One of our alumni, Wesley Vu, crossed Spring 2010 at Pi Chapter at the University of Houston, turned out to be a match with one of the recipients in the registry and ultimately saved the recipient's life.